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Why a consultation?

If this is your first time to our office, your initial visit will be scheduled as a consultation. If you have been here before and are returning to us with a new referral and/or we have not seen you in over 6 months, your visit may be scheduled as a consultation. Occasionally, the doctor may be able to perform a procedure the same day as your initial visit. However, please be aware that this is not a guarantee. There are may factors that are involved in performing an oral surgery procedure. Because we care about your safety and well-being, the doctor needs to examine you, study x-rays when applicable, review medical history and discuss the needs of each individual patient. Sometimes the doctor may require medical clearance, blood work, etc. before treating you. Depending on the procedure and your insurance, you may require prior-authorization before being treated. 

Know that any procedure, no matter how big or small, is taken seriously and with the patient’s best interest in mind. Because of said reasons, it is not uncommon that you will be coming to our office for more than 1 visit.

Panoramic XRAY

Why a panoramic x-ray?

In oral surgery, we need an updated x-ray. Teeth can shift in the mouth, especially wisdom teeth, and an x-ray allows the doctor to see a thorough image of inside your mouth, gums, bone, etc.. In oral surgery, we most commonly use a panoramic film or panorex. This is an image that when taken, revolves around your head and takes an image of your entire mouth, including tooth roots, teeth that have not yet erupted through the gum, jaws and sinuses.

If you had a panorex taken by your general dentist or another office within the last year (or 6 months for wisdom teeth), we will certainly use it. Obtain the original or a copy and bring it with you to your appointment. If you do not have this x-ray, we will take one in our office at the time of your consultation.

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What if I have another kind of x-ray?

Sometimes dentists or orthodontists may take different types of oral x-rays. They may show just 1 tooth or a couple of teeth at a time. Though on occasion these x-rays may be useful, typically they do not show the doctor the detail he/she needs to see. With that said, if you already have a copy of it in your possession, feel free to bring it. (If not, it is not necessary to obtain it.) But please be aware that a panorex will most likely be needed and taken.

Dental Implants

What do I need to bring with me?

A script, note or written treatment plan from the referring doctor. Insurance cards or information. This includes both MEDICAL AND DENTAL insurance information. (See Insurance, Co-pays and out-of-pocket costs below.) Policy holder information for the insurance if not yourself (i.e.: spouse, dependant, etc.). List of all current medications. Referrals if needed*. Please note that a script or note from your dentist is NOT considered an insurance referral.

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